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Usefull Harmonica Links
SPAH Logo S P A H The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
Harmonica Gigs & Workshops By Danny Wilson
Harmonica Player European Harmonica Gigs By Harmonica Player
Harmonica Player Harmonica Player Website German Harmonica Player Magazine
Harp On! Chromatic Harmonica Reference Site & More
Homepage des Deutschen Harmonikamuseums Herzlich Willkommen auf der Homepage des Deutschen Harmonikamuseums
Michael Will Diatonic HarMONICA ReferencE Michael Will's fantastic Harmonica Homepage
Planet Harmonica Planet Harmonica French Harmonica Webzine
Hamonica World Harmonica World By Masaaki Shigehara, Japan.
Jack Earl Jack's Harmonica Page More than 300 harp tabs
The BluesHarp Page - Blues Harmonica The Bluesharp Page Devoted to the history and lore of Blues Harmonica.
Il Vicolo Stretto IL VICOLO STRETTO By Gianandrea Pasquinelli from Italy
Harp-L Links
Cyber Harp World Harp-L -- An email list for all things harmonica Welcome to the oldest forum of harmonica information and opinion on the Internet.
Harp-L Archives Electronic Mailing List Archive
Harp-L Members
Another Harmonica & Blues Page Javier Argomedo
The author of Harping!
the harmonica tablature software
Art Stevenson High Water Art Stevenson & High Water Bluegrass Music Artist Profile Art Stevenson
B.B. Bean's WWW Home Page Barry B. Bean
BassHarp's Home Page Danny Wilson
Blues Brother Ben Ben's Virtual Abode Benoit Felten:
Welcome to my virtual abode...
Blues Web Gary Joneson
BUZZ Buzz Krantz
Chon's Web Page John W. Sawyer
Chris's FAST WWW Index Page The creator of Harp-L 
Chris' Harp Page - Main Menu Christopher Marek
Richard Hunter Richard Hunter This is harmonica virtuoso
Web site!
Eike's home page.... Eike Kiltz
Garry and the Moodswingers Garry Segal
Harmonica Beginners "To Do" List John Watts
Live Blues and Blues Radio, Steamin' Stan Ruffo Stan Ruffo
Glenn Weiser Harmonica Homepage by Glenn Weiser

On these pages you'll find introductory information on the harmonica, transcriptions of famous blues harp solos, arrangements of fiddle tunes for the harmonica, and information on Glenn's harmonica books and lessons. 

You're Darn Tootin!--
Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Pages
Ken Ficara's Home Page Ken Ficara
Ken Flowers' Home Page Ken Flower
Michael Carley, Mechanical Engineering, TCD Michael Carley
Moonshine Slide Terry Lambert
Personal Home Page of Art M. Daane Art M. Daane
Robert Paparozzi Robert Paparozzi
Harpin' On Banner Harpin' On Adam Pritchard's
Blues Harmonica Home Page
Robert Bonfiglio Robert Bonfiglio
Tom Ball / Kenny Sultan Tom Ball
Welcome! Pete Brunnelli
World Harmonica Page Chris Michalec
Some Harpmasters
Steve Baker Steve Baker Homepage One of my favorate Harpers
The author of the
Harp Handbook
Big Walter Horton Born Apr. 6, 1917, Horn Lake, MS 
Died Dec. 8, 1981, Chicago, IL
Jerry Portnoy Jerry Portnoy Blues Harmonica Master Very good new Harmonica Instructions
John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson Sonny Boy Williamson 1 John Lee Williamson
Little Walter Little Walter Marion Walter Jacobs
Sonny Terry Sonny Terry Sonny Terry
(born Saunders Terrell)
October 24, 1911 - March 12, 1986
Sonny Boy Williamson II Sonny Boy Williamson II Aleck "Rice" Miller
Born Dec. 5, 1899, Glendora MS
Died May 25, 1965, Helena, AR.
Dans les rues de Bluecity... Jean Jauques Milteau
& Greg Sclapscynski
welcome you to the streets of BLUECITY
Howard Levy Howard Levy's Heavy worLd's Welcome to
Howard Levy's Heavy worLd's
Lee Oskar Lee Oskar
Some European Harmonica Player
Chris Kramer The Bluebirds - "Crasy" Chis Kramer Born With The Blues
Blues Power Blues Power Blues Musik als Therapie
Commercial Harmonica Links
Mail Order Harmonicas an overview
Austriabn Harmonica School Austrian Harmonica School BLUES HARP (diatonische Mundharmonika- diatonic harmonica)
F. & R. Farrell Co.
Free Reeds Lark In The Morning
Harmonica Player Mailorder German Mailorder
Harp Depot: Harmonicas
HarpJack  Multiple Harmonica Holder
Harpwood Harps Hardwood Harps Customized wood covers
Hering USA Hering Harmonicas Hering Harp - Harmonicas for every need.
Huang Harmonicas
John Gindick's Harmonica Instruction Catalog
Joe's Virtual Music Shop
Kevins Harps Website
Learn to Play the Harmonica! No actual link available!
Lee Oskar Lee Oskar Enterprises
Blues Blaster Welcome To Hohner USA! Hohner USA
M. Hohner HOMEPAGE Hohner Germany
Working Man's Harps Tim Moyer Harmonica's, the "T-Bone" and the "Soloist," are based on classic
diatonic harmonica models.
Pouring Rain Music
Richard Sleigh - Harmonica Technician Joe Filisko's Co
Shaker Harmonica Mics
Suzuki  The World of Hammond Suzuki Welcome to HAMMOND SUZUKI
Harley's Harps
Blues Links
bluesnews Magazin - Fachzeitschrift für Blues, Blues-Rock und Bluesverwandtes Aktuelle Konzerthinweise, News, CD und DVD des Monats
Konzerttipps für Oktober, Abo-Aktion u.v.m.

Blue Time

The Italian Blues Netletter

BluesNet home page
King Biscuit Time
The Blue Highway  die deutschen Blues-Informations-Seiten
BluesAixpander Support für Bluesmusiker, Fans und Veranstalter
in Aachen, der Euregio Maas-Rhein
und dem Rheinland
Professor Bottleneck "The man - the band - the blues"
Magic Marks Blooze Page Blues and Swing mp3, Lyrics and more
Harry's Blues Lyrics Online This page is dedicated to blues music and nothing but the blues.

Other Music Links
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